The Queens package has been released. Same price as always ($96)

It includes:

  • 16 Exams
  • Midterm
  • 100 Question Final
  • Ranking for each exam
  • Areas found on Lt, Capt and BC exams


Promotion list #'s

Click on the "promotional list" link and then click on the list you want to see. A blurry list pops up. Click on that and a clear list of all candidates will pop up and tell you who has been promoted, who passed it up and who is awaiting promotion..


Promotional exam predictions: 

How did we come up with these dates?

We factored in a whole host of reasons, but mainly used the simple formula of giving an exam a year before the list expires and tweaked it a bit.  The 2017 DC exam was given 16 months before the old list expires. The Lt and Capt exams were promulgated in August 2016, but can't be given at the same time, because the Capt candidates are needed to write the Lt exam.  Exams are normally given a year in advance, so the job always has a list on hand that they can hire off.

So here are our predictions...

BC- Late fall 2018

Capt- Spring 2019

Lt- Early fall 2019

Please remember these are only predictions and in no way reflect the exact test dates.